Feb 18, 2014

Americans to send first element of anti-missile system in Europe to Romania

The firsts components of a US-made anti-missile system are being assembled in New Jersey ahead of their shipping to Romania in a few weeks.
In about a year, all the pieces will be reassembled to become the first operational shore-based element of the European Phased Adaptive Approach anti-missile system.
The system is the first land-based version of the Aegis combat system, a sophisticated collection of phased-array radars, fire control directors, computers and missiles.
The deployment of the Aegis Ashore system in Romania to provide ballistic missile coverage for southern Europe represents the second phase of the European Phased Adaptive Approach, and will also use enhanced SM-3 Block IB interceptor missiles.
A second Aegis Ashore site will be built in Poland.
The local component of the shield at Deveselu will cover 175 hectares and around 200 American staff and troops will be stationed in Romania once the base becomes functional, in 2015.
According to the agreement signed in 2011, Deveselu remains under Romania’s property and sovereign jurisdiction.

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