Feb 20, 2014

Singapore Air Force to receive last M-346 trainers

Singapore’s new-generation advanced jet trainer fleet will be complete within weeks, with Alenia Aermacchi poised to deliver its last of 12 M-346 aircraft.
Ten aircraft have already been delivered, along with associated ground-based training equipment and an initial package of logistics support. The remainder will follow in March.
Operations with Singapore’s first M-346s began at Cazaux air base in France in February 2013, with its first student pilot having entered training the following month.
Singapore ordered its M-346 fleet in 2010 as replacements for aged Douglas A-4 Skyhawk trainers. Alenia Aermacchi is teamed with Boeing and ST Aerospace to deliver the programme.
Alenia Aermacchi has also sold the twin-engined type to Israel and Italy, and been formally selected by Poland.

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