Feb 6, 2014

North Korea Developing Mobile Missile

North Korea has taken the initial steps toward fielding a road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile that could be capable of hitting parts of the U.S., according to U.S. intelligence agencies.
The KN-08 has been been displayed twice in parades, although it remains untested.
North Korea’s missile development, along with concern about Iranian weapons programs, is the principle rationale for the U.S. ground based-missile defense program managed by Boeing, which hasn’t had a successful interception test since December 2008.
The Air Force’s National Air and Space Intelligence Center said in its latest public report last year that the missile, also known as the Hwasong-13, is estimated to have a maximum range of at least 5,500 kilometers (3,420 miles), far enough to reach Alaska but not the Pacific Northwest.

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