Mar 3, 2014

A Carrier for Singapore ?

For years, Singapore’s ST Engineering Marine has been parading a ship model of a landing helicopter dock (LHD) vessel that could handle the jump-jet variant of the F-35 joint strike fighter.
The model was most recently on display at last month’s Singapore Airshow. Singapore’s Ministry of Defence won’t confirm that it has plans to build such a vessel, it’s also not denying it.
The model shows a variant of the Endurance-160 multirole support ship configured as an LHD.
Singapore has expressed an interest in the F-35B.
Four 14,000-ton Endurance multirole support ships already serve in the Singapore Navy as landing ship tank (LST) vessels, and ST Marine delivered its first export order for the vessel to Thailand in 2012.
The Endurance LHD design would require considerable enlargement and revamping to operate and store fixed-wing aircraft.

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