Mar 4, 2014

Russian fighter jets violate Ukraine air space, troops flow into Crimea

Russian troops and military planes were flowing into Crimea on Monday in violation of accords between the two countries, Ukrainian border guards said.
Since Sunday, 10 Russian combat helicopters and eight military cargo planes have landed on the flashpoint Black Sea peninsula, while four Russian warships have been in the port of Sevastopol since Saturday.
Kiev received no warning regarding the troop movements, even though that is required by the international laws regarding the stationing of Russia's Black Sea navy in Crimea.
Under these agreements, Ukraine should receive notice of any troop movements 72 hours in advance.
Russian fighter jets twice violated Ukraine's air space over the Black Sea during the night on Sunday. Ukraine's air force scrambled a Sukhoi SU-27 interceptor aircraft and prevented any provocative actions.

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