Mar 5, 2014

US Army Plans to Cut 3 of 13 Aviation Brigades by 2019

As part of its wide-ranging aviation restructuring, the US Army service is preparing to cut three of the service’s 13 combat aviation brigades (CAB) by 2019.
The service’s active component currently fields four heavy CABs, 8 medium, and 1 with Full-Spectrum capabilities, but the restructure will reduce the number of aviation brigades by three in the active component.
Under the plan, the Army’s Reserve component will be able maintain its 12 aviation brigades but they will be restructured and optimized for assault, lift and medavac missions.
The announcement comes on the heels of the Army’s proposal to take all of the National Guard’s Apache attack helicopters to fulfill the active army’s aerial scout mission after it divests itself of the Kiowa helicopters currently fulfilling that mission.

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