Jun 1, 2014

Italian Navy begins Camcopter S-100 evaluation

The Italian Navy has commenced technical evaluations of the Camcopter S-100 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) aboard the San Giusto Landing Helicopter Dock..
The Italian Navy became the first European customer for Camcopter when it selected the UAV in February 2014. One system, consisting of two aircraft and a control station, has been leased to the Italian Navy to meet ISR requirements of vessels at sea.
According to the navy, trials have so far evaluated the UAV’s ability to integrate with ship’s systems, to take-off and land from the ship’s deck; and the capabilities of the system’s sensors. Tests have also measured the noise and the radar and optical visibility to determine detection parameters of detection.
The Italian Navy plans to operate the UAV as an extension of the host vessel’s sensor suite, to broaden the effective horizons of its ISR assets, and provide greater standoff range when approaching potential threats in the vicinity.

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