Jun 9, 2014

Israel deploys Iron Dome near Syrian border at Golan Heights

Military sources said the Israel Air Force has stationed an Iron Dome battery near the Golan Heights, divided between Israel and Syria. They said the battery was meant to protect against rocket and mortar fire from either Lebanon or Syria because of an alert of such a threat.
On late June 4, Iron Dome was activated to stop a mortar attack from Syria. The sources said the battery fired two interceptors, but redirected after the mortars were determined as heading toward open areas.
This marked the first time that Iron Dome, was employed near Lebanon or Syria.
Iron Dome has proven unable to stop mortars, a key form of attack from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. The Israeli side of the Golan Heights has undergone steady fire from Syria. The sources said the military assessed that most of the fire represented stray shells in battles between Sunni rebels and the Syrian
But the sources did not rule out intensified fire from the Syrian town of Quneitra, which contains an army base. The sources said Sunni rebels, including those trained by the United States, were trying to force Israel to attack the Syrian Army.

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