Jun 22, 2014

A-10 backers win House vote to save plane

The U.S. House adopted an amendment to the 2015 defense appropriation bill that would prohibit the Pentagon from spending any money to retire the A-10 Thunderbolt II.
But the fate of the venerated “Warthog” close-air-support jet remains far from certain, as the Senate still must act, and the issue will likely be hammered out in conference committee.
The amendment prohibits the Pentagon from spending any money to “divest, retire, transfer or place in storage, or prepare to divest, retire, transfer or place in storage any A-10 aircraft.” It also prohibits the Pentagon from closing any active or reserve unit that flies or is otherwise associated with the A-10, Barber’s office noted.
But where to find the money to keep the A-10 flying remains a major issue.
A measure to fund the A-10 for a year in the House-passed version of the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act attracted opposition because it would use $635 million in an as-yet-unsettled overseas war fund. An amendment adopted by the Senate Armed Services Committee would use $339 million in operations funding to pay for A-10 operations for a year.

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  1. The Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II was designed to task. It is good at only one thing, "Close Air Support". The pilot sits in a Titanium tub that keeps him safe. The GAU-8 30mm gun can destroy any ground target that our forces have ever come up against. The placement of the engines is high and behind the wing and in front of the tail surfaces to deprive MANPADS launch by any ground operator at a most optimal angle for intercept. The combat system has been perfected to the Nth degree. Some A-10s have absorbed enough damage where the landing gear could not be deployed, yet the wheels stick out the bottom of the fuselage to enable a safe landing. Everything being offered as a replacement is a FAST JET, which is unsuited for the task. The mere psychological effect of an A-10 showing up on-station causes a change in the battle before a shot has been fired. IF a replacement is designed using the same criteria . . . you could have your modern replacement. Every replacement to date has been a FAST JET unsuited for the task. The ONLY friends of the FAST JET solution are the USAF and the industrial military complex trying to capture the sale with something they already have, and not have to develop that NEW CAS AIRCRAFT.

    The A-10 is not used when we do not have Air Supremacy, and was never designed to do Air Combat Maneuvering (ACM) although it carries AIM-9 missiles for self-defense. Additionally, most USAF pilots do not want to fly A-10s. They want to be fighter pilots and go fast. There is a huge cadre of A-10 pilots in the Guard and Reserve who want to fly nothing but A-10s because it is fun to fly, and they have a higher probability of coming home if they take damage, and it is tremendously rewarding for them to help their Army and Marine brethren in trouble on the ground needing their help. The Law dictates that the USAF support our troops on the ground. These A-10 pilots fly into the teeth of the lion every time they provide support. The fighter pilots fly above the fray. I will leave it to you to determine which is the bravest and most gallant. The A-10 pilots are the only ones the USAF wants to get rid of. HHUMMMMMM?!!!!