Jun 9, 2014

Canadian review will recommend buying Lockheed F-35 fighter jet

Canada is poised to buy 65 F-35 JSFjets, sources familiar with the process told Reuters.
An 18-month review of Canada's fighter jet needs has concluded that the government should skip a new competition and proceed with the purchase.
The decision must still be finalised by Prime Minister. The government is likely to face fierce criticism from opposition politicians concerned that the contract is being awarded without an open competition. Similar concerns over sole-sourcing and costs derailed the purchase two years ago.
Canada's planned purchase is the 6th-largest by a country.
Ottawa announced in 2010 it would buy 65 jets but scrapped the decision in late 2012 after an official watchdog said Canadian officials had grossly downplayed the high cost of maintaining and operating the jets.
The Canadian government then launched a multi-agency examination to determine whether to buy the F-35 or launch a new competition. That review has found that the F-35 is the only warplane that meets the government's needs.
The Canadian government has said it will make an announcement in coming weeks.

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