Jun 25, 2014

Israeli jets bomb Gaza after rocket fire

Israeli planes pounded Gaza late Tuesday night, in a retaliatory strike after several rockets were shot at southern Israel hours earlier.
The IDF Spokesperson’s office said in a statement that Israeli aircraft struck “5 concealed rocket launchers in northern Gaza, one terror activity site in central Gaza, and a weapon manufacturing facility in southern Gaza.” It said the strikes came in response to a salvo of rockets from the Gaza Strip earlier in the evening.
At least five missiles were fired at Israel, according to media and military accounts.
Another rocket fired out of Gaza landed inside a residential community in the Sdot Negev region.
The Iron Dome anti-missile system shot down two rockets fired at the Hof Ashkelon region in quick succession. Two more rockets fired at the area landed in open areas.
More than 200 rockets have been fired on Israel since the beginning of the year.

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