Jun 22, 2014

Jordan Seeks To Convert C-295 Into Gunship

Jordan is stepping up its gunship capability following the signing of a deal with aircraft builder Airbus Military and weapons supplier ATK to convert one of the C-295 transports in service with its Air Force into an aerial enforcer.
The Jordanian state-owned King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau signed a deal at Eurosatory to work cooperatively with ATK and Airbus to develop a C-295 gunship.
The twin turboprop C-295 is best known as a transport aircraft but is increasingly being offered in special mission roles. The Jordanian deal is the first time it will be used as a gunship.
The signing comes just weeks after the Royal Jordanian Air Force took delivery of two smaller Airbus CN-235 transports converted into the gunship role, where they are known as the AC-235.
The AC-295 gunship configuration will be based on the AC-235, which includes integrated mission and fire control systems, electro-optical and radar sensors, Hellfire missiles, ATK’s side-mounted M230 30mm chain gun, an integrated defensive suite, and 2.75-inch guided rockets.
The prince would not confirm final fleet numbers but a source said it was possible a new aircraft would also be purchased from Airbus Military to round out the total Jordanian gunship capability to four aircraft.

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