Jun 24, 2014

JF-17 Developments Indicate Aircraft Is Still On Track

Contrary to speculation, development of the JF-17 aircraft continues apace with avionics and weapons carriage capability improvements, work ongoing on future variants, and impending establishment of the third squadron.
The current fleet had logged 10,000 hours and flown over 13,500 sorties.
It was also revealed that the third squadron would be raised toward the end of the year.
Among these improvements are avionics, aiming at improving situational awareness and, but still centered on the NRIET KLJ-7 radar which supports the SD-10 beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile.
Integrating some additional smart and indigenously developed weapons is underway.
Short-range air-to-air armament, however, still consists of the PL-5E II, a recent variant of an aged weapon.
Potential payload shortcomings have also been highlighted by analysts. The JF-17 is often seen with three large drop-tanks indicating low internal fuel capacity and/or high consumption by the Klimov RD-93 engine.

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