Jun 26, 2014

Australia begins training LHD crew with MRH90 helicopters

The Royal Australian Navy has begun training the aviation crew of its first Canberra-class amphibious assault ship (LHD) on MRH90 helicopters.
The training is being conducted on a dummy deck that simulates Canberra's helicopter landing platform. The LHD is able to accommodate up to 11 MRH90 helicopters in its hangar.
Australia procured the first MRH90 (NHIndustries NH90) in 2005, to replace the army and navy's Sikorsky Black Hawk and Sea King helicopters. Australia is due to receive a total of 46 MRH90 helicopters by 2015.
Training procedures include launch and recovery operations from the simulated flight deck and vertical replenishment exercises where an underslung load is moved from one "ship" to another.

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