Jun 27, 2014

First 2 Philippines Air Force F/A-50s to be Delivered in September 2015

Philippines Defense Secretary on Thursday said that the first two South Korean made F/A-50 "Fighting Eagle" jet aircraft will be delivered by September 2015.
Prior this, Air Force pilots with high jet time and maintenance crews, will be first sent to South Korea for briefing and training.
Delivery of the remaining F/A-50s is expected to be completed within two years after the delivery of the first two.
After the F/A-50s, it's hoped to acquire modern fighter aircraft.
The Philippines and South Korea signed the contract for the 12 F/A-50 units last March 28.
The F/A-50 will act as the country's interim fighter until the Philippines get enough experience of operating fast jet assets and money to fund the acquisition of more capable fighter aircraft.

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