Oct 29, 2014

France to Deliver First Mistral to Russia Around Mid-November

The ceremony for France handing over to Russia the first Mistral helicopter carrier will occur in mid-November of this year.
Earlier in September, French President threatened to suspend the deliveries of the ships over Moscow’s alleged involvement in the Ukrainian conflict.
In October, Kremlin chief of staff Sergei Ivanov claimed that Moscow will sue France in case the obligations on the Mistral carriers are not fulfilled. Last week, the Russian Navy said the country is not dependent on France on the issue and is capable of building similar warships on its own.

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  1. France should be held liable for any mischief that the Russians engage upon using the new ship, particularly if it relates to activities in the Black Sea. The United States should reassign a Carrier Strike Group to the Mediterranean for the immediate future until Northern Africa and the Middle East calm down. At that point at least a Amphibious Ready Group should be stationed in the Med.