Oct 29, 2014

Israel to buy 25 more F-35

Israel plans to buy a second batch of F-35, bringing its total number on order to about 44.
Israel bought 19 F-35s in 2010, a deal that included options for up to 75 planes. Israeli Defence Minister, visiting the United States last week, placed a preliminary order for about 25 more F-35s.
The first batch of planes is scheduled to arrive in Israel between 2016 and 2018. The second purchase needs final approval by an Israeli government panel.
Israel will benefit from various efforts under way by Lockheed and engine maker Pratt & Whitney, to lower the cost to produce the jets.
Israel had hoped to buy as many as 31 jets in the second batch, and could increase its order from 25 if the price comes down further.
The new order of jets would be delivered beginning in 2019, with terms of the contract to be finalized by year-end, said the sources.

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