Oct 13, 2014

Navantia signed a contract with Australia for the analysis of two logistics ships

Navantia signed a contract with the BMD of Australia to carry out a risk assessment, technically called Desing Risk Reduction Study (RRDS ), a new logistics ship AOR Australian.
Company officials explained that this study will last for approximately eight months and to analyze the feasibility of a redesigned combat supply ship ( BAC ) based on the specific requirements of the ship from Australian Cantabria , designed and built by Spanish public shipyards for the Spanish Armada .
Navantia has been shortlisted, along with South Korea's DSME as a possible supplier of ships.
In the Australian market, recently the Commonwealth of Australia has accepted the Canberra , first of two amphibious ships ALHD built by Navantia and the company BAE Systems .
The BAC Cantabria , delivered by Navantia in 2010, was deployed for several months in Australia with a mission to integrate and operate with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

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