Oct 15, 2014

Sikorsky, Boeing Expect To Fly JMR Demonstrator in '17

The SB-1 Defiant, being developed by Boeing and Sikorsky for the Army’s Joint Multi-Role (JMR) program, is on track for first flight in fiscal 2017.
The JMR program is the opening stage of the Army’s future vertical lift program that aims to replace its Apache and Black Hawk fleets. A downselect in August left the SB-1 team competing with Bell Helicopter and its V-280 Valor tiltrotor design.
The Defiant is a coaxial design, featuring counter-rotating rigid main rotor blades for vertical and forward flight. The program heads said the design gives greater maneuverability, including the ability to hover and tilt the nose 20 degrees up or 20 degrees down with minimal downwash.

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