Oct 24, 2014

The F-117 is still flying

The F-117 “Nighthawk” was officially retired in 2008, and in theory the fleet of stealthy fighters has mothballed up. But rumors have persisted in recent years about one or more Nighthawks still flying out in the desert. Those rumors were proven this month when posted photos appeared to show an F-117 taking off for a flight at Tonopah Test Range in Nevada.
USAF has been reached out for comment with no answer.
Perhaps the F-117 keep on flying for radar signature testing or for fatigue testing for materials that were used on the plane.
Another option is they are test beds of a different kind — retrofitted into unmanned systems, perhaps to check on the capability of optionally-manned systems for stealth aircraft. And of course it’s possible they are being kept warm in case of military need, but it’s hard to see what gap they would be fitting specifically in the military network.

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