Oct 13, 2014

Secret USAF Space Plane X-37B To Touch-Down After 667 Days In Space

The US Air Force is preparing to land X-37B, that has spent a record 665 consecutive days in space. Its real purpose is a complete mystery, but it’s finally set to land after a ‘successful’ mission.
Tuesday, US time, is the date set by the US military for the return of X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle, known as the third landing of the secret unmanned space vehicle. Currently, X-37B is orbiting at 28,044km/h, at a distance of around 350km in the sky.
The plane will land at Vandenberg Air Force Base, after orbiting the Earth since Dec. 11, 2012, launched on an Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, as part of ‘Orbital Test Vehicle Mission 3′.

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