Nov 10, 2014

Canadian CF-18s intercept Russian IL-20 over Lithuania

Two RCAF CF-18 Hornet pilots on a routine training mission over Lithuania Saturday were redirected because the Russians were coming.
And soon, the Russians were right over top of them.
Canadian fighter jets intercepted a Russian spy plane inside NATO air space, military sources said Saturday in nearby Lithuania.
The CF-18 Hornets were part conducting a routine training mission and were “re-tasked airborne in response to a non-NATO aircraft off the Baltic coast” early Saturday afternoon. The CF-18s intercepted and visually identified a Russian Federation Air Force (RFAF) Ilyushin Il-20 COOT A Lithuanian airspace and over international waters.
They got photographic proof, too.
From there the RCAF jets “shadowed the Il-20 for approximately five minutes before being ordered to return to base by NATO controllers”.
That type of plane is used by the Russian Air Force for electronic warfare and as a surveillance platform”.
The Royal Canadian Air Force is also currently flying CF-18s over the skies of Iraq as well as part of the targeting of ISIL targets.

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