Nov 15, 2014

US Navy EA-6B Prowler Final Combat Mission

Friday marked the final landing for the U.S. Navy's EA-6B Prowler. Squadron VAQ-134 landed back at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island before noon, after flying cross country from the aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush. The squadron, also known as the "Garudas," completed 104 combat missions over Afghanistan and was called upon to support operations against ISIS, flying another 109 combat missions according to the Navy. The plane has enjoyed a long association with Washington state, with most of the Navy's Prowlers based here. The plane's main mission is to provide electronic countermeasures against enemy forces, such as jamming radar and disabling electronics on weapons such as surface-to-air missiles. Squadrons of EA-6B Prowlers are already being replaced with EA-18G Growler aircraft.

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