Nov 13, 2014

Pakistan outlines JF-17 upgrade to Block II Configuration

Pakistan is in the process of retrofitting its 50 JF-17 fighters to an improved Block II configuration.
The new configuration features improved avionics and better software, and adds a fixed air-to-air refuelling probe.
Pakistan sent a squadron of 18 JF-17s to a recent air combat exercise in western China recently.
Given the small size of the combat fighter, a fixed refuelling probe was found to be preferable to a retracting one. Pakistan uses the Ilyushin Il-78 to provide air-to-air refuelling for its fleet.
In December, Pakistan will begin taking delivery of 50 JF-17s configured in the Block II configuration. Beyond this, its air force has options to take its fleet of the type up to 150 or 200 aircraft. Additional improvements are foreseen in a planned Block III upgrade.

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