Nov 30, 2014

Iran’s New Training Plane Displayed

A new single-cabin aircraft, made by Iran for training purposes, was put on display in a recent aviation exhibition, dubbed K10.
The light aircraft has been manufactured by HESA in two different classes, K10 and K10-1.
With the flight ceiling of 14,000 feet, the plane can be employed for both training purposes and recreational use.
The plane is run with an Austrian-made Rotax engine producing 100 horsepower. Equipped with emergency parachute, K10 is a single-cabin aircraft that can accommodate a co-pilot as well.
Iran’s Defense Minister had already stressed the need for a home-made aircraft for training purposes in the air force units.
He had also noted that the new aircraft, designed and manufactured indigenously, flies at hypersonic speeds and could also be employed as a logistic plane.

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