Nov 17, 2014

U.S. Navy says looking at possible further orders EA-18G Growler

The U.S. Navy is looking at possible additional orders of EA-18G Growlers, as it shapes its fiscal 2016 budget request.
The Navy is reviewing its inventory of tactical aircraft, including Growlers and strike fighters, to ensure its electronic attack needs are met.
Congress, responding to an "unfunded priority" list submitted by the Navy earlier this year, is poised to approve orders for 12 more EA-18G Growlers in the fiscal 2015 budget, which will help Boeing extend the production line for the jets through 2017.
The Navy did not request funding for the jets in its 2015 budget, but did add 22 EA-18G jets to its unfunded priorities list.
No final decisions had been made about potential Growler orders.
The Navy is wrapping up two weeks of testing of the C-model of the F-35. The Navy plans to buy 260 F-35s to replace older model F/A-18C/D Boeing jets for use on aircraft carriers, but they will work together on the warships with newer model F/A-18E/F jets and the EA-18G Growlers.
Lockheed is pressing the Navy to increase its orders of F-35.

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