Nov 11, 2014

RAF Tornados Complete Afghanistan Mission

Royal Air Force Tornado GR4s have left Afghanistan and are heading back to the UK after more than five years of operations in the country.
The jets, from 31 Squadron based at RAF Marham, Norfolk, flew out of Kandahar airfield early this morning having flown their final missions. Aircrew and ground crew from the squadron have provided vital support to NATO efforts in the country since they took over from RAF Harriers in June 2009.
During its time in Afghanistan, the Tornado GR4 has provided vital information about enemy activity on the ground, using the Litening III and RAPTOR reconnaissance pods to spot potential hazards such as roadside bombs. The jets have also provided close air support deterring enemy forces by flying low and fast over their location or striking important targets with precision when necessary to do so.
Air and ground crew will now make their way via RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, to RAF Marham where they will be welcomed home by friends and family.

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