Nov 14, 2014

HAL LCH TD3 Indian Stealth Attack Helicopter makes first flight

The Light Combat Helicopter's third trial aircraft, LCH TD-3, made its first flight on Wednesday.
The twin-seater Technology Demonstrator-3 took off at 3.20 p.m. from the helipad of the Helicopter Division of HAL and flew for 20 minutes. A Dhruv helicopter, also created by HAL, escorted it.
HAL is expected to produce 179 LCHs for the Air Force and the Army.
TD-1 was first flown on March 29, 2010 followed by TD-2 on June 28, 2011.
TD-3 will be continuously test flown for further evaluations, especially with weapons. It will be assessed in very cold and very hot weathers, and in high altitudes and mountainous areas. Later it would be used to fire with a turret gun and rocket.
The four TDs must make nearly 900 flights before the copter gets its IOC, or preliminary flight worthiness clearance. TD-1 and 2 have together flown for 388 flights or 285 hours. TD-3 would need to make 100 flights over the next five months.

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