Nov 21, 2014

Pakistan receives surplus Jordanian F-16s

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has received into service 'a squadron' of F-16 fighter aircraft from the Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF).
The F-16A/B fighters have just recently arrived in Pakistan, and will be used to augment the PAF's existing F-16 fleet, which is heavily involved in counterinsurgency operations along the country's border area with Afghanistan.
The purchase of surplus RJAF F-16s was first mooted in February, with deliveries commencing in April. 12 F-16A and 1 F-16B Block 15 aircraft will be received to increase the size of its jet fleet. All of these aircraft have undergone mid-life upgrades.
Former Jordanian aircraft have been assigned to 19 Squadron at PAF base Mushaf (Sarghoda).
When the deal for the surplus Jordanian aircraft was disclosed earlier in the year, the PAF stated that it had also approached at least two other countries for additional F-16s. The status of these discussions is unclear.
Prior to the Jordanian deal, the PAF fielded 12 F-16C and 6 F-16D Block 50/52 jets, and between 45 and 50 F-16A/B aircraft. These earlier aircraft have now all been upgraded to Block 52 standard by Turkish Aerospace Industries.

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