Nov 12, 2014

New Chinese Airlifter Y-30 Could Enter Service In 2020s

A Chinese airlifter revealed by Avic this week, the Y-30, will go into service in the 2020s if the factory behind the project, Shaanxi Aircraft, is given a go-ahead.
The program is at the stage of concept design. It should be launched into full-scale development in about two years. If it is, and if development is smooth, a first flight could take place in 2020.
The Y-30 would have almost the same gross weight as the Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules, but payload is intended to be 30 tons, compared with 19.6 tons of the U.S. aircraft.
The aircraft has four turboprop engines, but many conceptual designs are under consideration, some with turbofan propulsion.
The maximum speed of the Y-30 will be 600-700 kph (370-440 mph.) and the range with payload will be 6,000-7,000 km.
Shaanxi Aircraft is the medium-airlifter specialist of Avic Aircraft, an Avic subsidiary that focuses on building large airplanes and their parts. It currently builds the Y-9, which is in the same class as the new aircraft and is derived from the Y-8, a Chinese version of the Antonov An-12.
Bradley Perrett-aviationweek

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