Nov 17, 2014

Italy To Send 4 Tornados To Kuwati To Join Coalition Against ISIS

Italy will send four Tornado aircraft to join coalition operations against the Islamic State in Iraq.
The aircraft, which will be based in Kuwait, will be used for reconnaissance missions only.
The aircraft will be accompanied by 135 support staff.
Pinotti said Italy was also dispatching to Iraq a number of Folgore 80mm anti-tank weapons previously used by the Italian Army.
In October, Italy said it would send a 767 tanker aircraft and two unarmed Predator drones to assist operations against fighters in Iraq, as well as 280 instructors.
Italy also sent a loaded C-130J to Baghdad, for shipment to Erbil, on Sept. 12. On board was a collection of arms, including 100 MG 42/59 machine guns and 100 12.7 Browning machine guns, plus munitions taken from Italian military stocks.
But there were also 2,000 RPG munitions and 400,000 machine gun rounds taken from a collection of arms and munitions seized in 1994 from a vessel allegedly defying a blockade to ship arms to Serbian fighters during the Balkan wars.

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