Nov 4, 2014

Eurofighter Eyes Typhoon Sale, Assembly in Indonesia

Eurofighter is holding out the possibility of Indonesia assembling the Typhoon if the Southeast Asian nation acquires the fighter in an anticipated upcoming competition.
Eurofighter consortium is beating the drum for a possible Typhoon sale on its first official appearance at the Indo Defence show, which opens in the capital Jakarta Wednesday.
Eurofighter’s CEO, said the consortium is ready to work as needed with the Indonesian aerospace industry on developing indigenous capability but in the shorter term the company is willing to discuss ways in which intermediate requirements are met.
A spokesman for Eurofighter said final assembly of Typhoon jets by the Indonesian aerospace industry was one longer term possibility in any deal between the two sides.
Eurofighter and other fighter builders responded to a request for information issued by the Indonesian government in January for a fighter to replace the F-5s currently in service with the Air Force.
Saab with the Gripen also responded.
Indonesia operates a mix of F-5s, F-16s, Su-27s, Su-30s and Hawk jets.
Indonesia has ambitions to modernize its Air Force.
Eurofighter, Saab, Boeing and possibly others have all been encouraged to submit lease proposals to the Malaysians in the last 12 months.

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