Nov 4, 2014

First Multiple Release of Paveway IV From An RAF Typhoon is a Success

Trials demonstrate enhanced air-to-surface capability for Typhoon
Working closely with the Royal Air Force and weapons manufacturer Raytheon UK BAE Systems has completed a series of flight trials culminating in the successful release of two Paveway IV precision guided weapons simultaneously from a Typhoon aircraft. This is the first multiple release of the Paveway IV from an RAF Typhoon to multiple targets.
The trials were conducted by a joint industry and RAF team from Typhoon aircraft BT017 equipped with the very latest Phase 1 Enhancements package (P1Eb). P1E implements full air-to-surface capability onto the Typhoon Tranche 2 aircraft. The trials demonstrated the full air-to-surface capability of the P1Eb product, with the Paveway IV weapon, including self-designation with laser guidance to the target and GPS-only guided releases.

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