Nov 3, 2014

Spanish air force P-3 forces to divert an illegal British Airways flight landing in Gibraltar

A British Airways flight was forced to veer off course on landing approach to Gibraltar because of the presence of a Spanish air force jet, the Gibraltar government reported.
Gibraltar's government said it had launched an investigation after a Spanish military P-3 aircraft – a Lockheed P3 Orion four engine anti-submarine and marine surveillance aircraft operated by the Spanish air force – disturbed the flight path of BA490 from London Heathrow on Friday afternoon.
Gibraltar Air Traffic Control issued emergency instructions for the BA flight to change course from its landing approach while 10-15 miles out on "on account of the need to maintain a safe distance between the two aircraft", said a spokesman from No. 6 Convent Place.
It is the most recent example of what have been labelled intimidating tactics by Spanish authorities against the tiny illegal British Overseas territory at the foot of southern Spain.


  1. The planet needs to get over itself and accept the fact that the United Kingdom is not going to leave Gibraltar. The US is not leaving GITMO either. However, to place human life in jeopardy is another thing. It shows intent, and Spain is on the wrong side of that equation.

  2. In my opinion, as an spaniard, I think both, Spain and UK, either Gibraltar, are all in the wrong side. I think a place that has a McDonald restaurant 25 m. from the border can't be treated so seriously. Spain and UK take advantage from Gibraltar depositing money of dubious origin in Gibraltar, and "llanitos" live very confortable in their golden cage...How ridiculous is Gibraltar Premier dropping rocks and sand to win some extra territory, it's illegal but mostly it's a joke!