Feb 5, 2014

Russia May Build New Aircraft Carrier by 2023

The development and construction of a new aircraft carrier for the Russian navy could take about 10 years, a St. Petersburg-based ship design bureau said Monday.
The shipe design bureau could design both a nuclear-powered and conventional version of the aircraft carrier. The former would have a deadweight of up to 85,000 metric tons, while the latter – up to 65,000 tons.
The nuclear-powered ship would be able to carry some 70 aircraft and helicopters, while the conventional vessel – up to 55.
The new carrier would serve as a seaborne platform for new-generation fixed- and rotary-winged aircraft, in particular a fifth-generation fighter set to replace the Su-33 multirole fighter aircraft currently in service, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles.
The Russian navy needs at least four aircraft carriers: two for the Northern Fleet and two for the Pacific Fleet.
Russia has only one aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, built in 1985, with a displacement of 55,000 metric tons, a crew of 1,500 and capability to carry more than 50 aircraft.

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