May 20, 2014

4 Philippines Air Force Pilots to Train in South Korea to familiarize with F/A-50

Four Philippine Air Force (PAF) pilots will be deployed to South Korea before year end to undergo familiarization training in the KAI F/A-50 "Golden Eagle".
These PAF officials relatively have high jet time compared to other pilots and have accrueyin their jet time flying SIAI-Marchetti S-211 jet trainers.
The Philippines and KAI signed the deal for 12 units of the F/A-50 last March 28.
The first two F/A-50 jet aircraft will be delivered 18 months after the opening of the letter of credit, the next two will be delivered 12 months later and the remaining eight jet planes to be delivered in staggered basis within eight months.
The F/A-50 will act as the country's interim fighter until the Philippines get enough experience of operating fast jet assets and money to fund the acquisition of more capable fighter aircraft.

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