May 17, 2014

Ukraine caught operating Mi-24 in U.N. colors

The United Nations says it's concerned over the interim Ukrainian government's use of military helicopters bearing its signature in military operations. They were used during the operation in Donetsk Region, which is defying Kiev's authority and proclaimed independence.
Three U.N.-painted Mil Mi-24 combat helicopters and one Mi-8 transport helicopter had been spotted assisting government troops in eastern Ukraine.
Ukraine has provided equipment to several U.N. peacekeeping missions, including in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
A U.N. spokesperson told that the helicopters seen may have been aircraft used on these missions that had not been repainted on their return. This would be a violation of the U.N.'s agreement with its member states and made concerns clear about these reports.
He added: "It is the responsibility of U.N. member states to remove all logos and signs bearing the U.N.'s name once such equipment has been repatriated to the home country or is no longer being used for official U.N. purposes."

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