May 27, 2014

Czechs will accede to NATO request to protect Iceland for longer

The Defense Ministry has no problem complying with the NATO request to extend the autumn mission of Czech Jas-39 Gripen fighters in Iceland.
The government and the Chamber of Deputies,must approve the new mandate.
Iceland air policing this autumn by Czechs, was planned for three weeks, and it is intended to be extended at least twice, and probably longer.
The mission will possible double the costs.
The Czech fighters will supervise the security of Iceland, which does not have its own military, between September and December. Physically, the planes will only be on the island for about three weeks. The mandate approved in 2012 expects a maximum stay of five weeks. For the rest of the time, the Gripens would only fly to the northern Atlantic Ocean from the Czech Republic in case of danger.
In the Baltics, the aircraft of NATO states stay in the countries throughout the mission. Czech aircraft supervised the air spaces of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in 2009 and 2012.

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