May 30, 2014

Peru to Get 8 Mi-17 Helicopters in November

Peru's Air Force will receive a delivery of eight new Russian-made helicopters in November, with an additional 16 to come in 2015.
The Mi-171Sh multi-purpose helicopters were sold to Peru in December, and are likely to replace the eight Mi-17 transport helicopters that were sold to Peru in 1984.
The Peruvian government has set aside $11 million to repair and refit the three Mi-171s it bought in 2010, and an additional $2.8 million to overhaul the presidential transport Mi-17-1B.
Russia will build a maintenance and repair center for the helicopters in Peru by 2016. Peru will be able to offer the services of this center to other countries in the region that own Russian helicopters and aircraft like the Su-25 fighter jet.

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