May 28, 2014

Scorpion jet pitched for Swiss air force

Textron is bidding to sell its Scorpion jets to the Swiss government at one-seventh the cost of Swedish Gripen fighter planes turned down by voters in Switzerland this month.
Acording Textron president “The Scorpion is ideally suited to Switzerland’s circumstances”, It is cheaper than the Gripen and still meets 90 percent of the tasks at hand”.
Swiss voters on May 18th shot down a deal approved by the government to buy 22 Gripen fighter jets from Saab.
The planes were to replace the Swiss air force’s fleet of 54 F-5.
Scorpion, is not a supersonic fighter and is not intended to be and is designed to be an affordable option for air forces to provide air space surveillance and intelligence.
The Swiss department of defence is not commenting on the Scorpion proposal.

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