May 8, 2014

US Army begins grounding Kiowas, seeks buyers

The US Army has started grounding some of its Bell Helicopter OH-58 Kiowa Warriors and is now seeking buyers for the aircraft, including fASreign customers.
According Army's 2015 budget proposal, the service will divest its entire fleet of Kiowa Warriors and related TH-67 Creek trainers. 26 OH-58Ds will be placed in non-flyable storage in fiscal year 2014. The service has 335 D variants and 182 TH-67s.
In addition to possible foreign sales, the army is looking into whether other US military branches or government agencies might be interested in acquiring the aircraft, says the army's armed scout helicopter project director Col James Kennedy.
The US Navy, which hopes to replace its fleet of Bell TH-57 trainers in the next five to 10 years, says it is too early to comment on whether it might consider purchasing the army's TH-67s.

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