May 30, 2014

Russian Naval Aviation Monitoring NATO Warships in Black Sea – Source

Naval wings of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet have resumed training flights over neutral waters of the sea to monitor the activity of NATO.
During the flights, combat training is carried out to provide surface image coverage in the neutral waters of the Black Sea. These flights, performed mainly by Su-24 attack aircraft, allow monitoring of NATO warship maneuvers, which have increased in activity in recent months.
NATO member countries deployed three ships to the Black Sea earlier this month: the French La Fayette-class frigate Surcouf, the French Dupuy de Lôme intelligence ship, and the US Ticonderoga-class Aegis guided-missile cruiser Vella Gulf something unmotivated for Russia.
The operations are in compliance with international regulations that govern flights over the neutral waters.
NATO Secretary General Anders said Tuesday the alliance would intensify its naval presence in the Baltic and Black Seas amid the crisis in Ukraine.

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