May 20, 2014

NH90 Moved out of Development Phase

While the first NH90s were delivered in 2006, the program has finally reached maturity and the helicopter is not in development anymore, being deployed by customers.”
This year the production line will turn out about 50 of the NH90’s two variants, a production number that the company expects will remain steady. A total of 195 aircraft have been delivered to 12 nations.
The company’s attention is turning to reducing the frequency of maintenance on various components, and adjusting equipment.
At the moment, NHIndustries is targeting the Germans, who have already cut their order from 202 helicopters of both the standard and naval variants to 139. Germany is still sorting through the specifications for its version of the naval variant, with the expectation that equipment will be delivered in 2017.
Other controversy arose after the Dutch complained that their naval variant was suffering rust issues after patrolling in anti-piracy efforts. The NHIndustries and Airbus officials dismissed these problems as “teething issues,” and laid some of the blame for the problems at the feet of the Dutch.

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