May 21, 2014

Brazil to order 28 KC-390

Embraer signed a firm order with the Brazilian Air Force for the supply of 28 production KC-390 tactical transport/tanker aircraft.
First delivery of production aircraft is expected at the end of 2016, with production under the contract running for ten years.
In addition to the aircraft, the contract includes a comprehensive logistics support package covering spare parts and maintenance services.
This is the first firm order of the type and it paves the way for the conclusion of further firm sales for the program´s current industrial partners Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Portugal and the Czech Republic.
These countries have signed memorandum of understanding comprising potential demand for a further 32 KC-390.
To be able to certify the KC-390 for Antarctic operations, one of its most demanding roles, comprehensive cold weather tests are to be held, possibly in Canada.
Final assembly is to begin in June.

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  1. It is KC-390 from Brazilian air-force.It's a twin-turbofan-powered KC-390 can be refueled in flight and can be used for in-flight or on-ground refueling of other aircraft.KC-390 is the largest and most complicated aircraft.For more details :