May 18, 2014

Royal Navy to send more troops to Gibraltar

More troops are to be sent to Gibraltar in a firm sign by the Government that it will no longer tolerate Spanish incursions in British territorial waters.
The deployment of additional sailors to the Rock will, allow the Royal Navy to operate patrol boats 24 hours a day, and man fast-moving Rigid Inflatable Boats to challenge nighttime incursions by Spanish fishing trawlers.
It follows a public commitment by Europe minster David Lidington that Whitehall would “rule out no option” in upholding British sovereignty over the overseas territory and its waters.
Last night senior Royal Navy sources also confirmed the additional personnel would more include electronic eavesdropping specialists to meet the challenge of Spain’s decision to allow to Russian warships to refuel at its North African territory, Ceuta.
Confirming the move, the Ministry of Defence said that, while Gibraltar had sufficient assets to counter illegal Spanish incursions, it “continually monitored” the situation and reserved the right to “adjust” resources when needed.

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