May 21, 2014

US Senators Develop Plan to Keep A-10s Flying for One Year

Senate Armed Services Committee members have cobbled together a plan to keep the US Air Force’s A-10 attack planes flying for another year.
Committee Chairman, told reporters on Tuesday that he and other panel members who want to block the service’s plans to retire the fleet to save money have found hundreds of millions in budgetary offsets to keep the venerable attack planes flying.
The House Armed Services Committee-approved A-10 provision prohibits retiring the attack planes until the US comptroller general makes a number of certifications and completes several studies, including a report to evaluate all Air Force platforms that are used for CAS missions.
The comptroller general also would be required to assess the cost per plane for conducting CAS missions, such as whether other aircraft are able to successfully perform CAS missions, and the capabilities of each plane used in that role.

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