May 8, 2014

Sikorsky Wins Presidential Helicopter Award

The US Navy has officially selected Sikorsky to develop the next-generation of presidential helicopters.
The EMD contract phase calls for the procurement of six test aircraft and two simulators, with an October 2020 completion date.
Sikorsky plans to deliver 21 aircraft to the Marines by 2023. The program will start immediately.
The Sikorsky design is a modified version of its S-92 helicopter.
Sikorsky was the only bidder on the program. Although the Navy had publicly said it desired competition for the contract, teams from Northrop Grumman-AgustaWestland and Bell-Boeing declined to bid.
The president is currently carried in Sikorsky-made VH-3D and VH-60N aircraft.
The Navy has been attempting to award the contract for the presidential helicopter, formally known as VXX, since the mid-2000s. Sikorsky lost the contract to a team of Lockheed and AgustaWestland in 2005, before requirements creep led to increased costs and the eventual cancellation of that contract in 2009. After some delay, the new competition began in November of 2012.

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