Oct 5, 2014

Canada to send a combat mission to Iraq against ISIS

Canada's Prime Minister Friday announced a combat mission for Canada in Iraq.
CF-18s will be used to attack ISIL gunmen, vehicles and other military equipment. Aurora aircraft can be used to search for ground targets as well as report back on the success of coalition attacks. The government says it will also provide one CC150 Polaris and one dedicated airlift aircraft to enhance the refuelling, air surveillance and transportation capacity of coalition members.
The United States, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Qatar have taken part in attacks. Australia and the Netherlands will also contribute. Iran, in conjunction with Iraqi forces, is conducting its own air and ground campaign against ISIL.
The deployment of 26 Canadian special forces in northern Iraq has been extended.
The Royal Canadian Air Force has also delivered almost 226,800 kilograms of military supplies donated by allies to Iraqi security forces.

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