Dec 31, 2014

Italian Eurofighters landed in Lithuania for Baltic Air Policing Mission

On 28 of December four Italian Eurofighter Typhoon have landed in the Lithuanian Air Force Air Base in Šiauliai. From the 1st of January they will take part in the NATO Air Policing mission in the Baltic States. This will be the first time when Italian troops are deployed in this NATO mission in Lithuania.
Along with fighters from Grosseto Air Base to Šiauliai Air Base, Italian Air Force transport aircraft KC-767 have landed and transported soldiers to participate in the mission, also equipment and installation.
Italian troops will take over the NATO Air Policing mission for four months from Portuguese soldiers who are patrolling with four F-16 "Fighting Falcon" fighters and reinforcement from the Canadian Royal Air Force with four fighters F-18 “Hornet”.
Polish Air Force with four MiG-29's will provide reinforcement for Italian troops.
On 31 December the Handover and Takeover ceremony of military contingents conducting Air Policing mission over the Baltic States will be held in the Lithuanian Air Force Air Base in Šiauliai. The Portuguese and Canadian Royal Air Force contingents which have been patrolling in the Baltic air space for four months will be replaced by the incoming Italian troops with four “Eurofighters Typhoon” fighters and the supporting Polish Air Force contingent with four “MiG-29” fighters.
The Italian Air Force detachment that have been deployed to the mission in the Baltic States from their permanent deployment sites in Italy have already arrived in Lithuania on 28 December.

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