Dec 8, 2014

Brazil receives final Mi-35M helo

The Brazilian Air Force (Forca Aerea Brasileira - FAB) has received the last 3 of 12 Mil Mi-35M (AH-2 Sabre) assault helicopters, the service announced on 3 December.
In 2008 the FAB placed its order for 12 Mi-35M helicopters, primarily to support the government's counter-narcotics trafficking activities. Operated by the 2nd Squadron of the 8th Aviation Group based in Porto Velho, these helicopters are armed with 30 mm canons and can carry Ataka-M anti-tank guided missiles, 80 mm S-8 rockets, and bombs.
The Mi-35M was chosen ahead of other attack helicopter types mainly because of its ability to carry troops. A typical counter-narcotics mission would involve the Mi-35Ms following up an airfield attack by the FAB's Embraer A-29 (EMB-314) Super Tucano aircraft, inserting ground forces into the area to 'mop-up', and providing armed overwatch until they are extracted.
The helicopters fielded by the FAB differ slightly from the baseline Mi-35M in that they have been upgraded with additional and enhanced avionics.

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